Saying Goodbye to Depression

It is the feeling of utter hopelessness, the feeling that things will never get better, that all is lost and that you have no value as a human being. With such imps of feelings doing a jig in your mind every time, well, it is little wonder then that you soon start having suicidal thoughts. That is why most chronically depressed people are on suicide watch. However, do not to worry, because this demagogue does not have to bring you down unless you let it. Owing to the busy professional lives that we lead today, the chaos, a tough economy and too much consumerism, it is hard to avoid depression unless you make a deliberate effort to do so.

What techniques can you use to bid depression goodbye?

First, admit you are depressed

What you have been taking as usual boredom, you know, the fatigue, the lack of energy and enthusiasm is actually an indication of depression. However, like any other mental illness, most people who fall victims to depression are reluctant to admit they have depression. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to seeking healing. So admit that you need help. Turmeric root extract benefits includes boosting your mood.

Counter all of your negative thoughts

Depression comes as a result of having too many negative thoughts about yourself. If you think you are the greatest failure of the 21st century, well, that will bring you down fast. What you should do is think positively. You may have failed to get that promotion, but your kids still think you are the greatest dad in the world. Isn’t that something?

Living in the present moment

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be. Always have that line in mind. What matters is the present, the now! Do you have a roof over your head? Shoes on your feet and food on the table? You are rich. Live in the now, try to think in terms of; “why should I worry about tomorrow while I might not be there?”

Balance your energy wheels

Depression can occur because of your energy wheels being blocked. Thus, you need to balance them so that you can enjoy spiritual healing to the maximum. Energy wheels are also called the chakras. They are many, but the most substantial ones are seven. Find out all you can about them. For example, the root chakra will keep you grounded, knowing that the universe is much bigger than you.

Become a risk taker

Risk takers live a great life. They are always trying new things in their life and there is no room for boredom. That should be your life too. Bored and fatigued in the office? Do a random thin in the weekend, like going for a fast hiking getaway. Do not become the average, predictable Joe.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is very important, not only for your physical and mental health but also for your mood enhancement. You see, when you exercise, the feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin are released into your system and you feel all the happier. Try it; it works. Make exercise a part of your lifestyle.

Make a list of things you look forward to doing

When you have a big pending list of things that you would love to try or do in future, it becomes hard to give up on life, doesn’t it? Go hiking in the Shasta and Trinity national parks, visit Africa, Visit Singapore, learn kayaking and so on are some of the things you can start with. People with many things to look forward to in life can hardly fall into depression.

Have enough sleep every day

Sleep is the elixir that cures all that needs curing in our minds. When I am asleep, I am in my own private nirvana where nothing matters anymore. Arising in the morning after a heavy night’s sleep makes me feel rejuvenated, eager to face a new day, very fresh and energized.

Meditation and some quiet time

It is during your quietest moments that you can be able to hear that little voice in your mind telling you to hold still for everything will be alright. Meditate; give yourself time to think through things in the quietest of places. You will find many solutions to your problem you will wonder why it was making you unduly worried.

Be full of gratitude, always

Always be full of gratitude. This makes you realize what you have and focus on that, rather than what you do not have. Grateful people cannot go into depression, at least not for long because they have so much to be thankful for, including fresh air, sunshine and more.